How To Properly Use Your Wonder Scooper

The Wonder Scooper is the most effective way to clean your feline friend’s litter box, saving you time, money, and aggravation.

Our ergonomic scooper doesn’t work like traditional ones do. It’s engineered to cover a larger surface area, while using an upward momentum to capture the most clumps without any sifting. Similar to a backhoe.

The deeper build helps you reach all those difficult corners and clumps, minimizing the total number of scoops it takes to clean the litter box.

Narrow slits and a comfortable grip allow for quick and easy waste removal, keeping your home smelling fresh and your kitty happy.

OPTIONAL: Add Prestige Pet Magic to your cat's litter to completely remove unwanted odors and extend the life of your litter. It's 100% natural and safe!